Advantages Of Going To A Party School

“The Princeton Review” named The University of Wisconsin-Madison the top party school in the country. And while many see making the list as a negative thing, there are some benefits. Check out The Top Advantages of Going to a Party School.

  • The exams are both open book and open container.
  • You can tell potential employers that you had a 4.0 average for four years. It was your blood-alcohol level, but you wouldn’t be lying.
  • What you lack in education you make up for in lower back tattoos of marine animals, Chinese symbols, and whatever you call the New Orleans Saints logo.
  • In addition to a first class biology lab, the school also has a world-renowned meth lab.
  • It doesn’t matter if you show up to class with a crudely drawn penis on your forehead, since everyone else has one, too.
  • You can pay off your student loans just by returning your empties.
  • If you don’t remember what you learned in college, they refund all of your money. I think.
  • GPAs are easier to remember when the first number is a zero.
  • It’s much more fun to learn about the “Industrial” Revolution with your History teacher blaring electronic music and flashing glow sticks in your face.
  • It increases your chances of having Johnny Manziel as your commencement speaker.
  • All that studying and hard work will pay off when you get promoted to night manager at Denny’s.
  • If you’re interested in a medical career, after four years you’ll be used to pretty much every kind of bodily fluid.
  • You’ll be so high when you graduate you’ll actually think someone will hire you.