Why We Should Have 3 Day Weekends All The Time

Alex Willams, a lecturer in Sociology at City University London, says a reduction in working hours generally correlates with reduction in energy consumption. If Americans followed European levels of working hours, they would see an estimated 20% reduction in energy use, and therefore carbon emissions. In 2007, Utah redefinied the working week for state employees, with extended hours on Monday to Thursday, basicaly eliminating Fridays entirely. In its first ten months, the move saved the state at least 1.8 million in energy costs. Utah has since abandoned the experiment after residents complained they were unable to access services on Fridays. But a four day week would help the progression toward an economy that does much less damage to the environment. Working less would also reportedly improve the ‘work/life balance’ and help to restore our mental and physical well-being. (DailyMail)