Some things I think I think…

  1.  Colin Kaepernick was absolutely right for standing up for what he believes in….he just did it the wrong way.  But that’s just my opinion, and I have as much right to IT as Colin has to HIS.  That’s part of what makes America so great.
  2. Anthony Weiner had the world by the balls, but chose to take pictures of his instead.  I just don’t understand how people with everything going for them choose to gamble with it all the time.  Give me just a little fame and/or fortune and then step back and watch me protect it.
  3. Penn State’s football season begins this weekend.  It’s going to be either a great season for James Franklin or his last in Happy Valley.  I’m hoping for the former.
  4. And I still hate most of what happens during football weekends around here, except for our pregame show (which is always a hoot) and watching the game itself.

Carry on, my wayward sons….and daughters.