Are These Things Really More Painful Than Childbirth?

According to women who’ve had at least one kid, these seven things can actually be more painful than CHILDBIRTH. See if you agree, ladies . . .

1. Kidney stones. One woman said it’s like being stabbed in the side with a hot knife over and over again. And the pain was so bad, she couldn’t talk and temporarily went BLIND. Plus she didn’t know what it was at first, which made it even worse.

2. A really bad toothache. Meaning the pain is constant. One woman said giving birth was bad, but she had a toothache that was even worse.

3. Broken ribs. Not because the pain itself is worse. But they take a long time to heal, and it hurts every time you breathe. So some women said they’d rather give birth.

4. A really bad migraine. Which can last hours, and cause some people to pass out from the pain. A lot of people also said cluster headaches can be just as bad.

5. Gout. Which causes burning and swelling in your joints. A recent survey found more than two-thirds of people with it said it’s the worst pain they’ve ever experienced.

6. Trigeminal neuralgia. Which is when a nerve in the side of your head gets inflamed and causes a stabbing pain. Apparently it’s rare, but there’s no cure. And it’s so painful, it makes some people consider suicide.

7. Third-degree burns. But not just the burn itself. Getting skin grafts, new bandages, and washing the burned skin can actually be MORE painful. (Metro)