Things People Did to Lose a Ton of Weight

What’s one thing you could do to lose weight? Well, a bunch of people who lost a TON of weight went on Reddit, and revealed the one change that helped them do it. Here are the top seven . . .

1. Stop drinking soda and juice. One person switched to unsweetened tea and dropped a bunch of weight. And obviously water is always a good choice.

2. Get a dog. And not just because you’ll have to walk it. They said it also forced them into a routine, so they were less likely to just sit on the couch and snack all day.

3. Cook more and stop ordering in. Restaurant food is loaded with salt and fat. So you’ll naturally lose weight if you cook more. And planning your meals also helps.

4. Snack on raw veggies instead of junk food. Which might seem impossible. But you’ll definitely lose weight if you stick with it.

5. Don’t bring junk food into the house. Or if your kids DEMAND it, then only buy stuff THEY like but you don’t.

6. Stop putting sugar in your coffee. One person said they got used to it after about a month. Or you can use a natural sweetener, like Truvia.

7. Drink less alcohol. A hard night out can be a thousand calories. Then you’re drunk, and end up eating something like pizza that adds even more. (Thrillist)