Study: Leaving A Child Home Alone Isn’t Always Unsafe

Generally, leaving a child home alone is considered poor parenting, but a new study reveals it may be safer than you think. Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, surveyed U.S. parents to gain insight into the norms about leaving kids home alone. The results showed that the less morally justified the reason, the more danger a child is perceived to be in if they are left home alone, even if they are safe. For example a sleeping baby left in a car for 15 minutes while its mother visited their lover was perceived to be in more danger than a baby left by a mother who had to attend to a work matter, despite the child being left in the exact same conditions. Study authors explain, “The idea that unsupervised children are in constant danger is relatively new. Just one generation ago, children had much more freedom to explore their surroundings.” They add that intensive media coverage of rare, byuttragic accidents happening to children have “likely lead people to overestimate the risk of child abduction to the point where they believe that a child of any age, alone for any amount of time, is in grave danger.” (Daily Mail