Things to Do with Your Hands During a Job Interview

Here are five things you should and shouldn’t do with your hands in a job interview, or anything else where you’re nervous, like a first date.

1. Don’t fold your arms. Which you’ve probably heard before. It makes you look standoffish, so it’s better to keep them on the table in front of you.

2. Don’t clench your fists or sit with your hands facedown. And don’t hide them under the table either. It makes it seem like you’re hiding something. And showing your palms subconsciously makes you seem honest and sincere.

3. Try “steepling”. Which is when you put your hands together, but only the tips of your fingers touch. Politicians do it a lot, because it’s been shown to convey confidence.

4. Don’t tap your fingers or fidget. It makes you seem impatient. And anything that makes a sound can get annoying pretty quick.

5. Don’t talk with your hands too much. It’s good when you’re trying to make a point. But they shouldn’t be going non-stop, and you shouldn’t do anything too big with them. Smaller gestures look more natural. (Business Insider)