Questions Trump Wants On Immigration Application

Donald Trump says if he’s president there will be “extreme vetting” of immigrants coming into the United States. For a look at what that might be like, check out The Top Questions Donald Trump Wants on the U.S. Immigration Application.

  • Is any part of you currently ticking?
  • Do you think a woman should be forced to hide herself under a burka and robes, or should she be free to show off her cans in a beauty pageant?
  • Does your beard touch the floor?
  • Does Toby Keith threaten to punch you in any of his songs?
  • What year did Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama found ISIS?
  • We can all agree, Rosie O’Donnell is a fat, disgusting loser, right?
  • Have you ever asked for a federal building’s blueprint?
  • How do you spell “Koran”?  (FYI:  If you start with a “Q” don’t bother finishing and turn right around.)
  • True or false, Trump steaks are absolutely unbelievable?
  • If I let you in, will you be willing to sweep floors at minimum wage at my Mar-a-Lago club?
  • Do you think someone who builds skyscrapers with his name plastered all over them could possibly be overcompensating for something?
  • Vladimir Putin: awesome, or super awesome?
  • If you’re from Eastern Europe and are at least a 9, rate your casual level of interest in marrying a multi-millionaire.
  • Do you have any special skills . . . like locating Hillary Clinton’s lost emails?
  • Do you accept my hair as real?