Holy Sheetz….what have you done?

Yesterday was a dark day for me….a VERY dark day.

I went into the Sheetz on North Atherton Street next to Robert M. Sides, just minding my own business and looking for some refreshment when I made the discovery that will change my consumer habits forever…..There…standing in place of the Pepsi machines…two brand new Coke machines.  And I immediately thought to myself, “Sheetz folks…you have no idea how much money you’ve cost yourselves in my visits alone, for now I must journey on and find a convenience store where I can fill a plastic cup up with a lot of ice and get delicious, refreshing Pepsi products.”  A major life change, and one I’m not looking forward to making at this stage of the game.

I was also told by one of the employees that the change was going to be company-wide, which makes sense, but still doesn’t to me.

Oh well….Here was the Ten Til Tune song today in the continuing series of Steven Tyler cover songs….