Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming A Chef

Since this is Chef Appreciation Week, take a minute to check out this list of The Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Chef.

  • Am I willing to cook steaks nice and rare, or do I hate America?
  • Do I want to be besties with Chris Christie?
  • Can I spit in Donald Trump’s soup after he deports all my busboys?
  • Am I capable of using a frosting gun without making a sexual reference?
  • When I make bourbon chicken, does more bourbon go in the chicken, or in me?
  • If I want to pursue a field in which the French excel, wouldn’t it be easier to just look at everyone with contempt?
  • Am I ready for a lifetime of people asking me to speak Swedish?
  • Do I have the ability to feel superior to everyone else in the restaurant while wearing a silly hat?
  • Do I have a British accent and the ability to be a jerk?
  • If one of my hairs falls into a meal, will I do the right thing and put another one in there so it has a pal?
  • Do I have a passion for creating healthy and delicious food, or should I just be a cook at Applebee’s?
  • If my restaurant is struggling, can I conveniently forget to turn off the burners before locking up one night?
  • Can I pronounce “au jus” with the right pretension?
  • Is it okay if my specialty is slightly burnt toast?
  • Can I learn to wash my hands after pooping?