Rules for Hooking Up with a Co-Worker

Someone came up with a list of eight rules for hooking up with a co-worker. And some of them are pretty good. See what you think . . .

1. You can only hook up with ONE. And that doesn’t mean one at a time. It means you can’t hook-up with anyone else at work unless you get a new job first, or they do.

2. If THEY break rule number one, you have to be okay with it. Just go in assuming YOU might have to be the adult.

3. It can’t be anyone you work with directly. If you work closely, it’ll get weird.

4. It can’t be anyone who might intentionally cause drama. So the 20-year-old intern is probably out. And obviously someone who’s single and not MARRIED is best.

5. It can’t be your boss, or someone who works directly under you. Otherwise, lawsuit.

6. You can’t talk about it at work. And you also can’t flirt with each other all day. You shouldn’t let any of your co-workers know about it unless it turns into a long-term thing.

7. If things DO start to get serious, tell your manager as soon as possible.

8. If it turns out there’s drama, don’t bring it to work. Deal with it outside the office. (Deadspin)