You’re Probably Holding Your Wine Glass Wrong

Apparently a lot of us aren’t holding wine glasses the way you’re supposed to. Fortunately, wine has the exact same effect regardless of how you hold your glass…or the bottle…or the paper bag enveloping your MD 20/20

You’ve probably heard this before, but if you want to do it the RIGHT way, you’re supposed to hold it by the stem. For two reasons. One, so you don’t get fingerprints all over the glass. And more importantly, it helps the wine stay at the right temperature.

If you hold the top of the glass, it warms it up. Which doesn’t matter much with red wine, but it can make a difference with white wine that’s supposed to stay chilled. Here are the three most common ways people hold wine glasses wrong . . .

1. You grab the bowl of the glass with your thumb and two or three fingers. So most of your hand is touching the part with the wine in it.

2. You wrap your entire hand around the bowl like you’re drinking a beer. So you’re not touching the stem at all.

3. You hold it with your palm facing up, so the stem is between your ring finger and middle finger. So again, you’re touching the part with the wine in it.

If it feels weird to hold it by the stem, it’s also acceptable to pinch the BASE of the glass, and hold it that way. But it’ll probably feel even weirder, and make you look like you’re trying way too hard to look like a wine snob. (Food & Wine / Wine Folly)