Overheard At The Olympic Village

Do you wonder what the Olympic athletes are up to in their village in Rio when they aren’t competing? Well, we can give you a little insight with this list of The Top Things Overheard at the Olympic Village.

  • Mr. Phelps, your pizza was only five minutes late. Please don’t stare at me like that!
  • I know this sounds crazy, but I think some of these NBA players may be interested in women who aren’t their wives!
  • Yes, that lingerie is sexy, but I’d rather see you in your beach volleyball uniform.
  • Thanks to all the bullets going by, we’re all bringing home the silver.
  • I was kinda bummed to be missing “Suicide Squad”, but from what I hear, I’m not missing anything.
  • Sure, Simone Biles is the greatest gymnast in the world, but she’s also dropped her phone in the toilet three times this week.
  • So far I’ve caught seven Pok√©mon and three STDs.
  • I’ve never heard of your country. Did they shoot a “Survivor” there?
  • I’ll give anyone on the track and field team $20 if they nail Billy Bush with a javelin.
  • I can’t keep a straight face around Bob Costas’s hair dye.
  • With this stench it’s more like Rio PEE Janeiro.