Support Keystone Little League

As most of you know, a group of outstanding Little Leaguers from our area are competing to go to Williamsport.  The Keystone Little League team is currently in Bristol, Conn., trying to win their way to Williamsport.  They have to win Thursday, Friday and (since they’re in the loser bracket) then they have to win twice on Saturday.  I was speaking to people last night about the team and the conversation turned to what the parents must be having to deal with during this run.  Hotels and food can’t be cheap…vacation time must be drying up…what do you do with other kids/pets….there’s a ton of things these parents are facing that they probably didn’t plan on two months ago.  It’s pretty mind-boggling to think about.

I’m sure some of the families can’t afford to have this happening, as great an experience as it might be.  If you’d like to donate money to a general fund to help offset some of the costs of this experience, here’s what you do.  Send a check to:

Keystone Little League…mark on your check what or who you’d like your money to benefit.

PO Box 293

Mill Hall, PA.  17751

Please help if you can.