Study: Why Our Bodies Are Stiff When We Wake Up

If you find your aches and pains seem worse in the morning, science has uncovered why. Researchers from the University of Manchester in England say that typically, our body works to suppress inflammation while we sleep, but when we start to move around, this protective effect wears off. When the scientists altered protein cells from the joints of both mice and humans that are involved with inflammatory arthritis, they discovered the cells have a 24-hour rhythm. They found that when they disabled the crytochrome gene in the cells, more inflammation occurred, but when they activated the gene it was found to protect against inflammation. It’s hoped these findings could help in developing drugs to treat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. In the meantime, researchers say that getting a good night’s sleep would protect the body clock, and therefore sync the cells that affect inflammation, and help you avoid problems down the line. (Daily Mail