Some Things I Think I Think….

  1.  The students are already starting to move in…the next two weekends will be particularly heavy.  Please make sure your auto insurance is up to date to protect you from all the left-turns-from-the-right-lane vehicles you will soon encounter….especially the ones with Jersey plates.
  2. Can someone please explain to me how in the HELL the NFL only had one game to worry about last weekend and they still managed to screw it up to the point where they couldn’t play the game?  My mind is officially boggled.
  3. I’m having this almost maniacal urge to be submerged in water.  And no, the bathtub will not work…and I WILL NOT be the creepy old guy by himself at the public pool.
  4. Is it just me, or is the summer dragging because the Pirates are mediocre this season?
  5. I had my first real “American Pickers” moment last weekend when my wife and I got to explore an old barn for antiques.  This old barn was stuffed with, well, stuff but we finally moved enough of it to find a really cool old drafting table.  If the website we looked at is correct, it’s worth A LOT more than we paid for it.

And finally….I leave you with a really cool CCR cover from the Foo Fighters which was the Ten Til Tune today…