Some things I think I think…..

  1.  If everyone would put as much time, thought and energy into talking about the problems in our country and trying to solve them as they do talking about bad Pirates trades, Penn State football and playing Pokeman Go, this wouldn’t be a half bad place in which to live.
  2. It occurred to me the other day that we have some truly outstanding older people in our community.  I mean people who I would love to grow up to be, if indeed I am going to grow up at all.  I shudder to think what Centre County will be like without them, so please appreciate and learn from them while they’re still with us.
  3. This weekend…do yourself a favor.  Get a double sized (or two) box of Mac and Cheese, then brown up some spicy sausage and mix it with said Mac and Cheese.  It’s unreal…even if the rest of my family won’t eat it.
  4. I have lost my passion for golf.  Don’t know why (probably my crappy play), but I really could never play another round and not miss it.  I love the people surrounding the game, I just don’t care if I play again.
  5. If I’m ever elected President of the United States…a fantasy that has a better chance of happening this year than it ever did before…I think I would decree that everyone gets a pool for their backyard.  You can’t be in a pool for long and still be angry or stressed out.