There oughta be a law…..

So….I’m driving down Pugh Street toward Beaver Avenue yesterday afternoon, minding my own business, and as I approached the traffic signal (which was green in my favor) a college student appeared out of nowhere and stepped right out in front of me which caused me to slam on the brakes to avoid running him over.  Seriously…I have no idea how I didn’t run him down.  My response was to lay on my horn….his response, even though he was clearly crossing when the red hand was glowing on the signal, was to extend his arm has far as he could and flip me off.  Now…here is what went through my head in the next few minutes:

  1.  If I hadn’t been paying close attention the little bastard would have been a pile of bones and yucky stuff on the pavement, yet he decided to flip me off instead of thank me for saving his life.
  2. At that point, I think a law should be passed making it legal to get out of the car and do whatever comes to mind to the smarmy little jackass.
  3. I was also amazed at how quickly my mind went from really happy thoughts to sick, vile and disgusting thoughts.
  4. How was this kid raised that would lead him to feel so entitled that he thought I was the one who was wrong and the he had every right to step out in front of me?
  5. I’m hoping he gets the snot beaten out of him at a fraternity party this coming semester.

And yes, I’d still like to break that finger in a three places, just to give a little lesson in manners.

Whew…I feel better all ready.


I’ll lighten the mood with this…a video version of my Ten Til Tune this morning…..

Pay particular attention to Mick Fleetwood beating the hell out of his drums.