Foods That Help You Focus

Need to focus? Adjusting what you eat might help.  Here are some food that will help your concentration:

1. Whole grains. I can never remember what that means, so just think whole wheat toast instead of white bread, and boring, brown whole grain cereal instead of the fun sugary stuff. They help you sustain mental focus throughout the day WAY better than refined carbs . . . or skipping breakfast.

2. Leafy greens. Eat a big salad for lunch, and get your spinach on at dinner. Two servings a day will give you the focus of someone five years younger. Just not the looks.

3. Gum. No, don’t eat it. Just chew it. A study a few years ago found that people who chewed gum were more alert than people who did the same task without gum. And no, even if you DO swallow it, it doesn’t take seven years to digest.

4. Coffee. Obviously. Although maybe that’s NOT so obvious, since some people get so hopped up on caffeine they CAN’T focus. Moderation, people. And check this out.

Just ANTICIPATING the stimulating effect of coffee is enough. Researchers have found that people who drank decaf without knowing it reported being way more alert. Although it works better in women than men. (Huffington Post)