More Things to Keep in Your Financial Survival Kit

We’ve heard about building a ‘financial survival kit’ in case of an emergency . . . sort of like a survival kit when there’s a natural disaster. And not just copies of your credit, debit, and insurance cards. Think about these four things too . . .

1. Employer contact information. If you’re forced to evacuate and you’re out of reach, a family member can let your employer know.

2. Investment account information. Like statements and contact info for financial advisors. In a real disaster, you could easily empty your checking account in the first few days. So you might need to draw on long-term investments to get beyond that.

3. Your will. Either a copy of the actual will, or directions on where to find it. If the worst should happen, all the financial information in the world won’t help your family if they don’t have the legal authority to use it.

4. Passwords to all your financial accounts. Include usernames and passwords for all your accounts online, so someone you trust can manage them in your absence.

Obviously this is all seriously personal info, so you should only keep a financial survival kit in a safe deposit box, or somewhere safe with someone you REALLY trust. And no one else should know about it.

You can also scan the records into your computer and encrypt them, or put the whole kit on a flash drive. And only people who know your password can access it.

(MSN Money)