Ways Your Height Affects Your Health

Here are a few ways your height can affect your health: Short people tend to live longer . . . being tall can increase your risk of getting cancer . . . short people are more prone to heart disease and diabetes . . . and tall people are more injury-prone.

1. Cancer. Sorry tall people . . . being taller means you have a higher risk of cancer, since having more cells means more opportunity for a mutation. And research also suggests that a LACK of growth hormone LOWERS your risk of cancer.

2. Heart disease and diabetes. According to research, short people are more prone to heart disease and diabetes.

3. Injuries. Tall people are not only more injury-prone, but their injuries are often worse than short people’s.

4. Blood clots. Again, bad news for tall people. Those long legs are great if you’re a model, not-so-great if you’re on a long plane ride, wearing a cast, or are otherwise unable to move your leg muscles frequently to prevent blood clots, which can be deadly.

5. Spine, neck, and back problems. Most workspaces aren’t ergonomically designed. Short people and tall people are all working at the same size cubicle, and that can cause all kinds of back and neck problems. But tall people are especially prone to spine conditions like scoliosis.

6. Lifespan. Researchers aren’t sure why, but certain genes have been linked being short and a longer life . . . and shorter populations DO seem to live longer. (U.S. News)