Top Reasons To Visit Philadelphia

Philadelphia is hosting the Democratic National Convention this week, but their tourism people want you to also visit the rest of the year. Hear their pitch with this list of The Top Reasons to Visit Philadelphia.

  • See the Liberty Bell before Donald Trump has his name engraved on it.
  • You can visit the stairs Sylvester Stallone used in “Rocky.” And the wheelchair ramp he used in “Rocky 37”.
  • It’s so close to New Jersey that you can look at it without actually having to set foot in it.
  • It’s home to Independence Hall, where Abraham Lincoln signed The Constitution of Independence or something!
  • If you can take two steps without falling over, you can play for the Phillies.
  • It’s home to a giant art museum. So it probably has sculptures of boobies.
  • There’s just something life affirming about seeing a toddler in a Cowboys jersey get brained with a D-cell battery.