Beware Of “MARGARITA Burn”

If you’re playing bartender at the next summer barbecue you attend you’ll want to be careful. According to The Atlantic, you can get a nasty chemical burn if you get lime juice on your skin and then sit in the sun. It’s fittingly nicknamed “margarita burn,” but can also happen after the skin comes in contact with other plants, such as carrots, parsley, and other citrus fruits. That’s because the juices and oils from those plants contain photosensitizers, which make human skin extra-sensitive to sunlight. Bartender Justin Fehntrich says he helped squeeze about 100 limes during an outdoor fundraiser, and then had second-degree burns pop up on his hand a few days after the event. An official with the US Bartenders’ Guild says since many drinks today use fresh juices, bartenders should be warned about the risk of phytophotodermatitis. (Fox