Japan Will Make Its Last V-C-R This Month

By 2008, DVDs officially replaced VHS’ as the preferred home media format for video, but did you know that VCRs were still being manufactured? Funai Electric, the last remaining Japanese company to make the units, announced earlier this month that the company would cease production on its VCR units, due to declining sales and difficulty acquiring parts. Despite slow sales of VCRs, collector sales of VHS tapes are booming, with some rare editions fetching nearly $2,000 a pop. One collector of the tapes says, “These are movies that feel too cleaned-up on DVD and Blu-ray, as if they were never meant to look that good. You can see the mistake they made and the bad makeup and everything. Watching them on VHS is closer to the old drive-in or grindhouse theater, the way the director intended it to look.” (MentalFloss