Disadvantages Of Growing Up Rich

Donald Trump’s kids are in the spotlight this week at the RNC. And even though they probably got everything they wanted growing up, being a rich kid has a downside. Here are The Top Disadvantages of Growing Up Rich.

  • The constant struggle of having windblown hair from the helicopter blades.
  • After your mom dies, an evil stepmother will take over the castle and lock you in a turret.
  • Having a dad who doesn’t realize just how orange he is.
  • Sometimes during high school you can become a victim of Bentley-shaming.
  • Your relationship with your parents is built on materialism instead of what it should be: resentment.
  • Your parents think they can buy your love. Which makes you feel bad about yourself, since it’s true.
  • You miss out on the pure joy of finding a $20 bill you totally forgot about in your pocket.
  • You get a stupid name like “Thurston” or “Muffy” or “Thurston-Muffy.”
  • It takes three and a half days to open your Christmas presents.
  • You have the least amount of street cred of anyone in the finance district.
  • The Starbucks barista always screws up at least one of your six names.
  • Every time you’re surprised, your monocle falls off and splashes champagne all over your tuxedo.
  • Somehow inheriting millions of dollars makes you lazy.