Weddings in 2016

What does the average wedding look like in 2016? Well, researchers recently asked 500 women who were either engaged or just got married. Here are the seven most interesting stats . . .

1. 61% of couples write their own vows, and 28% use standard vows. Apparently the other 11% aren’t sure what they’ll do.

2. 40% of couples have a friend or family member officiate the wedding.

3. 43% of brides said they preferred a non-traditional wedding dress.

4. 70% of women get their make-up professionally done for their wedding, and 35% get their teeth whitened.

5. 67% of brides say they worked out at least four times a week to lose weight for the wedding . . . 61% cut certain foods out of their diet . . . and 40% did a cleanse.

6. 40% of brides let the groom see them before the ceremony. But it doesn’t say if that means they saw them in their DRESS or not.

7. And just under 25% of women planning a wedding said they want to incorporate their PET in some way. (PR Newswire)