The Main Lessons from Self-Help Books

There’s a woman who works as a life coach who’s read over 500 self-help books. And she says there are just five main principles that pretty much ALL of them touch on. Since this will save you a TON of money at the bookstore or on Amazon, here they are . . .

1. Take responsibility for your life. Meaning, don’t make excuses or blame other people. Including your parents, or the fact that you didn’t have as many opportunities as some people. Regardless of all that, YOU control how you live your life.

2. Do the things you’re talented at and passionate about. In other words, do what you love. That TENDS to be the things we’re good at and passionate about. So if you just keep at those, you’ll be successful.

3. Learn that happiness is all in your head. In other words, how happy or miserable you are depends on how you REACT to things. Obviously a million things can affect the kind of mood you’re in each day, but only if you let them.

4. Love yourself. Which is actually the hardest one for a lot of people. But basically you should learn to be happy with who you are, and try not to base your self-esteem on comparing yourself to other people.

5. Have faith that good things will happen if you keep trying. Remember that all things are temporary . . . some of it is beyond your control . . . and you have to stay hopeful when things aren’t going great. (Huffington Post)