More things I think I think…..

  1.  I still don’t know who I’m voting for, but I absolutely loved it when Marcus Luttrell decided to go off script and speak from his heart last night.  We need to stop the bitching back and forth on Facebook, etc. and start listening to people who have actual experiences other than chasing Pokemon.
  2. Speaking of Pokemon, if you cause me to have an accident because you’ve slowed down to find a Pokemon station, I WILL get out of my car and kick your ass.  I’m not a violent man, nor am I in the shape to do it, but I will just on the principle of the thing.
  3. Two of the major college football conferences have had the discussion of eliminating kickoffs in college football games.  Stats show that the majority of injuries occur during kickoffs, where you have 260 pound behemoths running 4.6 40’s with a full 30 yards full of momentum and creating some hideous collisions.  I’m all in favor of starting every drive at the 20, but what about the most exciting plays in football?  No kickoffs mean no on-sides kicks to give your favorite team the ball back with seconds to go and a chance to win.