New Cleveland Tourism Slogans

About 50,000 people will visit Cleveland for the Republican National Convention this week. And their tourism people want to capitalize on being in the spotlight by rolling out a new slogan. Hear some of the candidates with The Top New Cleveland Tourism Slogans.

  • Cleveland: At Least We’re Not Rio!
  • Come See Us Before LeBron Changes His Mind Again.
  • Come for the Lowest Percentage of Radicalized Muslims Within a 1,000-Mile Radius. Stay for the Pierogi.
  • See All the Places Where Charlie Sheen Publicly Peed When He Filmed “Major League”.
  • What Happens in Cleveland, Stays in Cleveland . . . Unfortunately That Includes Browns Football.
  • Some of the Prostitutes in Town for the RNC Will Still be Here!
  • Come for the GOP Convention, Stay for our Racist Baseball Mascot!
  • Come Here and Play “Pok√©mon Go”. And if You Can do It Without Walking Into Something, You Can Start at Quarterback for the Browns!
  • Cleveland: Home to the 2016 NBA CHAMPS! And Also . . . No, That’s It.
  • Our Alligators Never Attack.