Five Ways to Stay Safe While Playing “Pokemon Go”

“Pokemon Go” has officially taken over.  But some people have found themselves in dangerous situations while catching those critters.  So here are five tips to keep yourself, and your kids, safe while playing . . .

1.  Play with friends.  Playing with people you know reduces the chance you’ll be targeted by someone with bad intentions.  There was a story this week about a guy who was randomly STABBED late at night while he was playing.

2.  Look up.  You need to be looking at your phone to play, but you don’t want to get SO caught up that you forget to look up from time to time.

3.  Don’t play when you’re driving.  Six out of 10 teen car crashes involve driver distraction . . . which includes being distracted by games like “Pokemon Go”.

4.  It’s not all free.  It’s free to download the app to your phone, but in-app purchases cost between 99 cents and $99.99.  And it adds up FAST.

5.  Take a break.  The game can be addictive, so take a break every now and then and actually enjoy being outside this summer.