When Will Passwords be Obsolete?

Passwords have proven they’re not the best for keeping our data safe– so when will they finally go the way of the Dodo? A study from internet security company TeleSign, 69 percent of security professionals believe traditional passwords and usernames no longer provide sufficient security, and 72 percent predict that their companies would do away with passwords by 2025. Ryan Disraeli, TeleSign’s co-founder says, “We’re starting to see real momentum towards companies adopting behavioral biometrics and two-factor [authentication.]” Two-factor authentication is already available for users who want extra security on many outline accounts including Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Disraeli adds that it’s difficult for companies to quickly move to new security systems, adding, “Ultimately, the most secure methods are going to involve a company balancing its user experience, with assessing effectiveness, assessing the cost. Multiple things are taken into account.” (CBS News)