The Top Surprises in the New “Ghostbusters”

Absolutely no spoilers ahead…

  • The usher that takes your ticket is Ray Parker Jr.!
  • Melissa McCarthy breaks character and finally apologizes to anyone who bought a ticket to “Tammy”.
  • In a blatant case of product placement, they catch most of the ghosts by using the “Pokémon Go” app on their iPhones.
  • It makes you miss the wit and sophistication of “Batman V Superman”.
  • Melissa McCarthy actually has a scene where she DOESN’T hurl obscenities with a mouthful of food.
  • Ecto-1 is sporting a “Trump 2016” bumper sticker.
  • The entire cast pickets the Ghostbusters office because they only get 70% of what the original male cast members got.
  • The Ghostbusters’ periods sync up.
  • The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is played by Chris Christie.
  • Slimer is back, but this time all the hot dogs he eats are vegan.