The Psychology of Pokemon Go

If you’re not playing Pokemon  Go it’s likely you know someone who does. Some estimates say the game has been downloaded more than seven million times since it’s release on July 6th. So why is the game so addictive? Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center in Newport Beach, California says since the game blends the real world together with the virtual world it plays to certain human desires, such as a need for social connection. Rutledge says, “It’s really ticking the boxes of the major drives of human behavior.” Additionally, the game fulfills the psychological itches to go out and act on the world in a measurable way; and the need for competence and mastery, which is met by the games goal to “catch ’em all!” She adds that the game also allows people to challenge one of the major complaints about gaming: that it’s sedentary and isolating. (Fox)