Five Things I Think I Think…….

  1.  What is up with this whole Pokeman Go thing?  I’ll tell you what’s up with it…another way for us to disconnect with society….another reason for us to stick our noses in our phones and not pay attention to the real people and real situations in the real world.  I’m not normally a conspiracy theory guy, and I don’t even own a tin foil hat, but SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE is coming up with all these ideas to turn us into mindless zombies and we’re not doing a damned thing about it.  In fact…WE’RE BUYING INTO IT!!!!  And all of the insanity in the world today just makes it easier to disconnect from it all.
  2. By the way, Pokeman Go freaks…when you download the game, you give up access to all of your Google accounts and documents unless you go into the Settings and change them.  Unless, of course, it’s too late.
  3. Baseball’s All-Star game is tonight.  There was a time in my life when wild horses couldn’t keep me from watching.  Now my 2 year old granddaughter probably will.  While I’m not quite sure why I don’t care anymore, I can tell you that the whole “winner gets home field advantage in the World Series” thing does nothing to make me want to watch.  You actually think the players care about that crap?  Maybe the contenders do, but Mike Trout…who’s Angels are already out of contention….has nothing to play for but maybe his competitive nature.  Let me know who won…I’ll be watching “Frozen” for the 347 time with Bennett.
  4. The Steelers open camp in 16 days from now…..they are going to be VERY dangerous this year.
  5. One of this area’s mid-summer indicators is The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts….and it starts this week.  Please tell me where the first half of the summer went?