Science Confirms The Obvious: We Hate Being Hot

Hot weather is part of summer, but a new study links warm weather with general crankiness. Environmental economist Patrick Baylis from the University of California Berkeley analyzed a billion geo-located tweets from 2014 and 2015 using a computer model that scored each post’s sentiment based on factors such as profanity and word choice. Next, Baylis mapped the sentiments against the average temperature where each tweet originated. He found the increase is misery between a 70-degree day and a 90-degree day was equivalent to the drop between the end of a weekend and the start of a work week even after he controlled for factors such as income, location, and humidity. When these findings were paired with climate projections though 2099, Baylis predicts unfavorable mood swings, especially in cool states like Wisconsin and Minnesota will happen in the future as temperatures heat up. (PopSci