Foods That Aren’t As Healthy as You Think

“The New York Times” recently did a survey where they asked people how healthy they thought different foods were. Then they did the same survey with nutritionists. Here are five things you might THINK are healthy, but aren’t . . .

1. Granola bars. 71% of people said they were healthy, compared to just 28% of nutritionists. Mostly because of all the added sugar.

2. Coconut oil. 72% of people said it’s healthy, compared to just 37% of experts.

3. Frozen yogurt. 66% of Americans think it’s healthy, compared to 32% of experts.

4. SlimFast shakes. 47% of people said they’re healthy, compared to 21% of experts.

5. Orange juice. 78% of people said it’s healthy, and only 62% of nutritionists agreed. Because again, it usually has a lot of added sugar.

The survey also found a few foods that are HEALTHIER than we think they are: Only 49% thought sushi was healthy . . . tofu, 57% . . . quinoa, 58% . . . and hummus, 66%. But about 90% of nutritionists agreed that all four of those are generally good for you.

The top five foods we DO know are good for us are apples, oranges, oatmeal, chicken, and turkey. And the top five foods we know are UNHEALTHY are cookies, white bread, diet soda, beef jerky, and hamburgers. (NY Times)