Some Post-4th of July things I think I think……

  1.  Am I the only one whose panties are not in a wad about Kevin Durant?  The key word in “Free Agency” is “FREE”…to be able to go to the highest bidder or to stay with your team, whichever option pleases the Free Agent in question.  He chose to go to the highest bidder and possibly the best team in the NBA.  Who can blame him for that?  AND…his deal says he can do this all over again next season if he chooses to do so.  I’d be pretty pissed if someone told me that I couldn’t do that.
  2. Yes…the skies were murky last night and the fireworks weren’t as clear as they have been in other years.  Come on, Ethel…pull up your big girl panties and move on.  It was still a spectacular show…and the best entertainment for the money you put out if, indeed, you put out any money at all.  Get over it.
  3. While I’m still on the fireworks soap box…I want to thank everyone who volunteers year in and year out for the 4th Fest committees.  These work basically year round…on their own time…WITHOUT PAY…to bring you the biggest all-volunteer show in the entire country!  I can’t wrap my head about the preparation that has to go into an event like this, but they did it basically flawlessly ever year.  Please take the time to thank a volunteer if you know or bump into one…and please consider donating some bucks for the cause.  It doesn’t have to be a lot….if everyone who watching the show this year gave $5, the committee would be THRILLED, believe me.
  4. Oh yeah….A big thanks to the committee for asking Rama Lama to be a part of the July 3rd music show.  We appreciate it!