Signs Your Kids Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

A recent study found 75% of kids don’t drink enough water. And it’s even more important this time of year, so here are five signs your kids might be dehydrated . . .

1. Dry skin. When you’re REALLY dehydrated, your skin loses its elasticity. So it doesn’t bounce back when you pinch it. But even being a LITTLE dehydrated can cause dry skin, chapped lips, dry mouth, and brittle nails.

2. They get a lot of cramps. It probably means they’re dehydrated and low on potassium and magnesium. So they should drink more water, and eat things that are high in those two minerals, like bananas and leafy greens.

3. They say they feel hot all the time. It’s harder to regulate your body temperature when you’re dehydrated, so you start overheating. So obviously make sure they drink plenty of water if they’re outside in the sun.

4. They’re constipated. Obviously dark urine is a sign you’re dehydrated. But your intestines also need water to digest food, and a lot of people who think they need a laxative really just need water.

5. They feel terrible in general, but they’re not sick. Being dehydrated can cause headaches and general fatigue. And sometimes mild cold symptoms are really just a sign you’re dehydrated.