Reasons You Don’t Care About Brexit

The U.K. voting to leave the European Union crushed our stock market on Friday. But still, many Americans don’t give a crap about “Brexit.” Find out why with The Top Reasons You Don’t Care About Brexit.

  • You’re too upset about Kanye West putting a naked dummy of you in his new video.
  • You haven’t read enough about it yet to form a fake opinion.
  • If it doesn’t affect the number of underwear pictures of David Beckham we see, who cares?
  • You already survived an even sadder British departure when Zayn left One Direction.
  • You’re waiting to hear the Queen of England’s reaction.  And so far Simon Cowell’s said nothing.
  • Whenever Anderson Cooper talks about it, you get lost in his eyes.
  • Who can think about something like that when Target is letting people pick their own bathroom?
  • You’re American, and the last time you checked, the Brexit was neither deep-fried, nor covered in cheese.
  • You don’t concern yourself over any world issue until Kim Kardashian weighs in on it in a Twitter post.
  • It doesn’t affect the value of your Princess Diana commemorative plates.
  • You weren’t even aware there was a “Brentrance” to begin with.
  • You don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect the price of Cadbury Crème Eggs.
  • British politics don’t make sense to you unless it’s a plotline of “Downton Abbey”.