Moviegoer Complaints About Independence Day 2

 The new Independence Day flick tanked on it’s opening weekend. Resurgence landed with a thud, bringing in just $41.6 million, a disaster for a 20-year-old blockbuster franchise that Fox promoted heavily and was counting on for its summer box office receipts. In an effort to find out why it did so poorly, we checked in with some movie-goers to bring you some of their complaints.

  • “No President Trump? What gives?”

  •  “Resurgence’ did not refer to my interest level”

  •  “No blooper reel of the aliens flubbing their lines”

  •   “None of the actors broke the fourth wall to apologize”

  •     “As a documentary, it seemed factually inaccurate”

  •  “I had an unobstructed view of the screen”

  •  “If Will Smith gets to skip it, why can’t the rest of us?”

  •  “No one should make a movie this bad without Ben Affleck”

  •  “Unable to sneak into the theater showing Finding Dory”