Many Seniors Are Saying No To Retirement

Who wouldn’t want at least a break from work? The results of a new survey from the University of Chicago finds nearly two-thirds of older U.S. adults say they’ll choose work over retirement after they reach age 65. Researchers interviewed just over 1,000 working adults ages 50 and older. One-quarter said they never plan to retire, nearly sixty percent of those ages 50 to 64 said they plan to work past age 65, and nearly half of those age 65 plus said they already work or plan to work. Those age 65 and up who are working reported putting in an average of 31 hours a week on the job. Survey author Trevor Tompson says, “Not only are older Americans going to work longer, but four in ten respondents are planning to change career fields in the future. These results point to significant changes in the American workforce with impacts likely felt by workers and employers.” (UPI