Stuff We Do in Public Bathrooms

We’ve got the results of a study here on the stuff people do in public bathrooms. But, sadly, the people who ran it didn’t ask a single question about GLORY HOLES. Who fell asleep at the switch on THAT one?

Anyway, here are the results . . .

1. We hate touching things in public bathrooms so much that a lot of people use their foot to flush the toilet . . . hold a paper towel when they turn on the faucet . . . and open the door with their hip.

2. 80% of us see people leave the bathroom all the time without washing their hands.

3. Men are more likely than women to admit sometimes THEY don’t wash their hands.

4. But there’s always an excuse. People who say they don’t always wash their hands blame it on the soap or paper towels running out . . . the sinks not working . . . or the sinks looking too dirty to use.

5. And finally, 6% of people take photos while they’re sitting on the toilet in a public bathroom.

(PR Newswire)