Proposed Shows for the Trump Cable Channel

If Donald Trump loses the presidential election in November, his next move might be creating his own media business and cable channel, according to a new Vanity Fair report. Vanity Fair cites its source as saying that Trump’s view is, quote, “win or lose, we are onto something here. We’ve triggered a base of the population that hasn’t had a voice in a long time.” It takes a lot of programming to fill a channel 24/7. Here now are some proposed shows he could use to fill all that time.


  • Ugly Little Liar

  • The Amazing Racist

  • The Misreading-of-the-Situation Room

  • Crossblather

  • Megyn Kelly’s Wherever

  • Meet the Mess

  • Keeping up with the KKK

  • Shameless

  • 8 Simple Rules for Dating Your Teenage Daughter

  • REALLY Arrested Development