Signs Your Kid Is At A Bad Summer Camp

If you send your kids to summer camp, you definitely want to make sure it’s reputable and safe. Sadly, that wouldn’t be the case if you match anything described on this list of The Top Signs Your Kid is at a Bad Summer Camp.

  • The lifeguards remind you of David Hasselhoff . . . because they’re constantly drunk and eating off the floor.
  • Even kids from Flint won’t touch their water.
  • Every single hike finishes at a backwoods meth lab.
  • The name? Camp Zika.
  • The kid assigned to the bunk above his just unpacked a toothbrush, tennis racquet . . . and rubber sheet.
  • The arts and crafts consist of spending 10 hours in a warehouse assembling iPhones.
  • Your daughter earned a patch in mixology.