Signs Donald Trump Is Getting Old

Donald Trump turns 70 today . . . and he’s starting to act his age. Check out The Top Signs Donald Trump is Getting Old.

  • He changed his slogan to “Make America Nap Again.”
  • He’s become increasingly terrified of minorities. Okay, bad example.
  • He’s now getting all his Donald J. Trump Collection suits specially tailored to be hiked up to his armpits.
  • He can’t even remember which ethnic group he insulted just five minutes after he tweeted it.
  • He’s now scheduling campaign stops around episodes of “NCIS”.
  • He shattered a hip while flip-flopping on an issue.
  • He now sends Chris Christie to the drug store to pick up Ensure and Metamucil.
  • He gets a senior citizen discount at the spray tan salon.
  • His remaining, non-bankrupt casinos now only have bingo.
  • He’s actually voting for Donald Trump.