Questions To Ask Before Taking Your Family On A Summer Vacation

Are you thinking about taking the family on vacation this summer? If so, it might be a good idea to first review this list of The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking Your Family on a Summer Vacation.

  • Should I plant a gun in my wife’s carry-on so I can ditch her at the airport?
  • What are the most family-friendly destinations that also serve cheap alcohol?
  • Can I make my kids believe the iPod jack is broken the whole way?
  • Is that Airbnb thing legit, or just a way mass murderers find victims?
  • If we go to Mexico, will we be back before Trump locks us in with the wall?
  • If we each sell a kidney, would that cover a trip to Disneyworld?
  • Can we afford a trip to a foreign country, like Italy, Jamaica, or Texas?
  • When I’m gone for two weeks, will my co-workers realize how little I actually do there?
  • Should I kennel the dog or bring it along since it’s the only member of the family I like?
  • Is there a destination warm enough for us to be outdoors but cool enough that my wife won’t wear a bikini?
  • If we’re just going to sit there and seethe in resentment of each other, doesn’t it make sense to just stay home?