It’s Normal For Happily Married People To Fantasize About Divorce

Sometimes our minds wander to strange places– like we might think about divorcing our partner even if we’re happily married. Clinical psychologist and relationship therapist Jared DeFife, explains this is a normal reaction, and often occurs because something other than the relationship is causing strain, like your job or financial situation. He says at an unconscious level, you may associate your marriage with those other problems because your spouse personifies the stressful responsibilities in your life. Though this will likely not result in divorce, it may cause you to disconnect from your partner instead of asking him or her for help. To keep yourself in check, ask your partner for that help, and then let the fantasy of divorce play out in your head. You should see that even if you got rid of your spouse, you’d still have your jerk of a boss, tanking investments, etc. (Men’s Health