Date Someone Who’s Not Hot

If you meet someone for a first date this weekend and they don’t quite live up to their profile picture, maybe you shouldn’t reject them right away. Here are five benefits of dating someone who’s less attractive than you are . . .

1. They’ll try harder. If they can’t get by on looks, they might actually be able to carry a decent conversation. And they also might get more creative with their date ideas.

2. Less attractive people are usually more interesting. Which doesn’t mean ALL hot people are boring idiots. But when you’re average looking, you tend to develop OTHER features that are attractive, like a good sense of humor.

3. They’re less likely to cheat. Not that it’s a guarantee or anything. But it’s harder to NOT cheat if everyone you meet wants to sleep with you.

4. People who aren’t hot are usually better in bed. They just try harder and don’t take sex for granted, because people aren’t throwing themselves at them all the time.

5. It might help you realize what you’re REALLY looking for in a relationship. When someone’s hot, you tend to concentrate on their looks too much. But when they’re not, you pay more attention to their personality and find out which traits are most important.

So even if you end up dumping them because you can’t stand their donkey-face anymore, you’ll at least go into your next relationship knowing more about yourself and what you want. (Thrillist)