Are Your Thumbs the Same Size?

Do you have “swiper’s thumb”? U.K. based cell phone service provide O2 surveyed 2,000 people and found 30 percent felt their bodies had evolved as a result of their mobile phone use. Researchers claim that many smartphone users have one thumb that is up to 15 percent larger than their other thumb due to smartphone use– they’ve dubbed this swiper’s thumb. Hand therapist Nicole Goldsmith says, “Our thumb muscles are highly complex and located in the base of the thumb as well as in the forearm. So an increase in ‘thumb swiping’ could add to muscle strength and bulk in these muscles. As research shows, these localized changes– such as enlarged thumbs and little finger indents– are becoming the new norm as younger adults are using the phone for longer periods of time.” She adds we won’t have to worry about our children having giant thumbs, as voice recognition technology is become more and more sophisticated, freeing up our hands. (Dail Mail