Tips on Tipping

Do you always leave a $1 tip for every drink you get at a bar? Well, apparently you’re not quite as generous as you think . . .

The website posted a guide for tipping bartenders in different scenarios. And apparently you should leave more than a dollar sometimes. Here are five scenarios, and how much they say to tip. See if you agree . . .

1. If you’re getting a beer, tip at least $1. Or $2 if you’re at a more upscale place. Yes, that’s even if they’re just filling a glass or opening a bottle for you.

2. If you order a cocktail, tip at least $2. Or $3 if it takes a while to make.

3. If you’re drinking something non-alcoholic, you should STILL tip them a dollar. Which does kind of make sense, since they’re still doing the same amount of work.

4. If they give you a FREE drink, tip them double on your NEXT drink. Because obviously it doesn’t make sense to penalize them for doing you a solid.

5. If you order multiple drinks or shots, tip at least 20% on the whole bill. Yep . . . most drinks cost more than five bucks, so that’s going to be more than $1 a drink.

On the upside, if you bartender’s a jerk, they say it’s okay to stiff them and NOT leave a tip. (Thrillist)